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The House with the
Blue Door

My art business is named after my chalet on the historic Humberston Fitties in North East Lincolnshire. It's filled with my artwork inspired by this beautiful area of coast. I bought the chalet in 2015 when my son was small - he used to call it 'the house with the blue door and the name stuck!  The chalet is available to rent.

I work in watercolour and ink in sketchbooks, producing roughly a book a month. My books are full of daily notes, sketches, illustrations and hand lettering. I document my life and what inspires me on a daily basis. My work is recognised for my messy and scratchy style, and calligraphic use of ink. 

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About the chalet

When the chalet was first built in the 1930s it was called Homefield, and dates from the early decades of the Humberston Fitties.

When I bought the chalet I wasn't aware of its history, it was only when a friend found some plans online that I was able to start putting together the history of this place. The chalet plans unlock the key to the quirky layout, and are a great example of the hidden history that is contained within many properties on the Fitties.

My chalet is decorated with hand lettering and artwork inspired by this beautiful stretch of the Lincolnshire coast. 

Details of how to rent the chalet are here

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254 Anthonys Bank Road, Humberston Fitties, Cleethorpes


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