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About the Humberston Fitties

The Humberston Fitties settlement on this section of the Cleethorpes coast dates from the late Victorian era, and was later used during WW1 as a soldiers' encampment. In the years afterwards when seaside air was a seen as a way to escape the grime of urban life families would take what they could find down to the coast and create 'bungalows' by the sand. In the century since the site has grown and now has more than 300 plots each with a unique property on them.

The House with the Blue Door dates back to 1932 when planning permission was granted for a three-bedroomed bungalow with wood burner, wash house and pantry. The chalet was moved during WW2, and has been modernised over the years with the addition of an apex-roofed lounge and the removal of the side extension with bedrooms, but the main body of the building dates back nearly 100 years.

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